Scholarship Application
At Calvary Baptist Church, we don't want a lack of funds to keep you from attending an event. Please complete the following application, as this helps us determine your need and allows for us to be good stewards with our limited financial resources. Typically, we can provide some form of scholarship on the event. Unfortunately, we are limited in the amount of scholarships we are able to offer. All information is confidential and we will make every effort to, help you.
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3. How long have you attended Calvary Baptist Church?*
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4. How much will you be able to pay for this event?*
5. Are you involved in any other ministries at Calvary Baptist Church?*
6. Would you be willing to make monthly payments before or after the event/trip? *
If yes, how much do you think you could afford on a monthly basis?
7. Would you be willing to do some work (e.g. office work) for the church to “pay” for your scholarship? *